Blackjack Systems Do They Work

Blackjack Systems Do They WorkPeople are always looking for a good blackjack betting system. Does such a thing exist?

The desire to find a fool proof way of beating the house has existed for as long as the house has. The question of blackjack systems and how they work technically has a simple answer; however if there is one casino game that has some shades of grey, this is it! The simple answer to the question of if blackjack systems work is no. Think about it. They don’t say “the house always wins” for no reason, and the fact of the matter is that if house didn’t win, well, the house wouldn’t stay in the game! As such, in the long run it stands to reason that if the house always wins, then the player always loses.

However, don’t despair – it isn’t all doom and gloom, and here is where the grey area comes in. Of all the casino games in existence blackjack is the one with the lowest house edge, and the reason is one of mathematics. If you understand the odds and probability behind the game you are able to make a logical and informed decision regarding your moves. In this way, following basic strategy is a way of not necessarily beating the house, but certainly in limiting your potential losses. Of course any player should take into account, even when using basic strategy, that they will lose a certain number of hands; this is inevitable.

Does basic strategy count as a betting system though? Many would argue no. Learning basic strategy is complicated and not possible for every-one, and whilst it tells you what to bet on, it doesn’t tell you how to bet. The most common betting system applied to blackjack is the Martingale. The Martingale system is a popular betting system across the casino floor and requires the player to double any bet that he looses until he wins. In theory the Martingale is the fool proof system that every-one has been looking for, however there are some problems with it. For example; those bets can get very high very quickly, what happens if you hit a table limit, or you run out of funds before you win? Another example of a popular betting system is the two-level system. The two-level system requires you to have a high bet and a low bet. Following a win you bet the high bet, following a loss you bet the low bet. Whilst many players find this system helpful, and it certainly does help with money management, it is a long way off from being a winning betting system. One must always remember that whilst streaks may seem to be a real thing, they’re really not! The cards are completely random, and unless you’re counting (which is completely illegal), each hand is a completely independent event.

All in all then, what does the grey area tell us about blackjack systems and if they work? A blackjack system can help you to keep control of your bankroll, but can a betting system help you to ultimately win? Probably not.

blackjack systems in the movies

Some great movies have been made about blackjack players and the systems they use to beat the house.

Everyone loves a story where the little guy beats the big guy and there’s no bigger guy than the casino, and Hollywood is full of such stories. Blackjack lends itself well to this sort of movie because with the right understanding blackjack is a game that can be won. Here are the top three Blackjack movies.

blackjack systems in the moviesIf you ask most people today about a blackjack movie they will most likely name 21. The 2008 movie tells the story of an MIT professor teaching a select group of students all about card counting and a secret system of signs and language for communication between themselves. With these skills in their pockets the students go to Vegas time after time where they take the casinos for millions. The blackjack system featured in 21 is card counting. Card counting is purely mathematical and completely illegal. Casinos do not take well to card counters, and a proven card counter can be prosecuted. It isn’t by accident that the movie is about MIT students. Card counting isn’t something that every-one can do; it requires a high intelligence, sharp memory, and the ability to process the information into a helpful strategy.

The Hangover came out in 2009, and follows the hysterical story of four guys on a stag trip to Las Vegas. Equipped with “Beat the Dealer”, the ground breaking book published in 1962 by Edward Thorp, they try their hand at Blackjack; the results are not so successful. When Beat the Dealer came out it was the first book to show on a mathematical basis that the house advantage could be beaten. The blackjack system that he uses is again card counting. Thorp himself tested his theories in Las Vegas, and by all accounts could have done more than double his money except for that he consistently got removed from casino after casino by various security personnel.

A very different type of movie is The Croupier staring Clive Owen. This late 1990s drama depicts the life of a croupier in a second rate London casino. The main character is involved in a scam which will see the casino being taken for a small fortune, and the Croupier getting a small cut. Whilst we see a fair amount of blackjack being played, this movie very much shows the game from the other side: from behind the shoe.

Whilst there are many movies featuring poker games, there aren’t that many featuring blackjack and it isn’t by accident that these top three movies tell two card counting stories and one heist story. Whilst players try to apply all sorts of strategies to blackjack the only one that really makes any sense and that can really work is card counting, and that’s why the majority of blackjack movies feature it. Card counting is outside the law but works within the system. The Croupier tells a different story, one of outright robbery; neither within the law or within the system. The movies know: these are the ways to win at blackjack.

How to choose a blackjack casino

There are thousand of blackjack casinos out there; choosing the right one for you is an important decision.

One thing that the modern blackjack player is not short of is choice. From the comfort of your own living room you have the option to play in any one of literally hundreds of online casinos, each promising amazing bonuses, fair play, and great odds. The question of course is how to choose a blackjack casino?

How to choose a blackjack casinoThe first step to choosing the right blackjack casino for you is to check out the safety of the site. There are a number of features that will determine the standing of an online casino, and there are a number of elements that are essential for safe play. First off, you must always ensure that a blackjack casino is licensed. Next you should confirm what its house advantage is, and verify that it is regularly audited by an independent source. It is important to check that the mechanism is in place in order to safeguard your information; this is done through encryption technology. Finally, it is important to make sure that the blackjack casino will be able to assist you should you run into any problems. Many people look for a good FAQ section on the site as this is the easiest and quickest way to answer queries. However it is also important to check that there is a 24/7 customer support team available to you through a means that is comfortable for you. Some people prefer live chat, others email, others the telephone, in which case it is recommended to see if the casino offers a toll free number from your country.

Once all of these technical boxes have been ticked and you know that the blackjack casino you are considering is safe and reputable, the rest of the choice comes down to personal preferences more than anything else. Welcome bonuses can be very persuasive so it’s worth shopping around for a good one. That being said, it’s the ongoing bonuses that ultimately end up being more profitable so don’t forget to check what’s on offer for existing customers. Banking options are also an important question when choosing a blackjack casino. Some casinos offer deposit bonuses with some methods which is a great way to boost your bankroll. In general it is important to know that a particular blackjack casino offers a banking method that you are able to use and comfortable with both for deposits and withdrawals. Finally, game play must be taken into consideration. Most casinos will allow you to play for fun in order to explore the casino. How the casino looks, how it navigates, and how comfortable you are there is the final part of the puzzle of how to choose a blackjack casino.